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Developing Our Own DT Art Project

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August 18, 2023


By now, you've gained insight into our enthusiasm for the Web3 marketplace. What might surprise you, though, is our swift decision to venture into creating our inaugural MINT Digital Token Art Project. Let's delve into the rationale behind this bold move.

A Tale of Community and Passion

Through the privilege of addressing audiences on Twitter Spaces, I've been granted a podium to share my thoughts. Interacting with Web3 founders has revealed a common thread—community sharing and a fervor for sustaining that spirit of connection. This communal ethos has echoed across various spaces, resonating particularly within the triumphant voices of those who've thrived in the Web3 sphere.

Evolving from Sharing to Contributing

As a seasoned businessman with over five decades of experience, my perspective found synergy in two seemingly simple words: "Sharing" and "Contributing." The overlap between these notions spurred a revelation. The vibrant Web3 customers I engage with are not just users; they are builders of connections. This realization laid the foundation for a transformative project premise:

OnlyNFT's: Bridging Community, Ownership, and Engagement

  1. Showcasing Digital Token Art: Our venture begins by presenting a collection of captivating Digital Token Art within the Web2 marketplace.
  2. Ownership and Licensing: Members have the unique opportunity to claim ownership of a chosen image, securing complete licensing rights.
  3. Empowering the Community: Members become integral decision-makers, actively shaping marketing/sales strategies and budgets by directing the significant portion of the monies raised as part of the collective.
  4. Reality Game Scorekeeping: An innovative Reality Game introduces a scorekeeping element—tracking the demand and success of each member's distinct Digital Token through our various marketplaces.
  5. Monetary Returns: A financial facet takes center stage. Members benefit from a 10% share of Gross Sales (minus shipping and taxes) for transactions involving their specific artwork.
  6. Extending the Circle: Referral dynamics amplify the experience. By sharing a unique URL code with their networks, members trigger a 5% share of Gross Sales (minus shipping and taxes) for attributed transactions, fostering a ripple effect of engagement.

A Model of Mutual Growth

Our vision envisions symbiosis. As Current Latitude and the Digital Token Art (DTA) Project burgeon, every member reaps rewards. The art-infused Game fuels both learning and financial prosperity, while a direct share in Current Latitude's expansion amplifies the cycle. This mechanism inherently births satisfied customer referrals—a testament to the power of genuine engagement.

A Tapestry of Transformation

The journey ahead is poised to weave the threads of collaboration, contribution, and connection. Our DTA Project beckons—a gateway to not only owning art but co-creating a narrative of progress and prosperity. As you grasp the essence of our vision, you'll uncover a compelling truth: our project's success serves as a mirror to the web of relationships it nurtures.