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Kalia's Maui Relief Fund-Raiser

Geo-Reference:   44.77511 N          110.73751 W
August 21, 2023

Dear Friends and Community Members,

In the wake of the recent devastating wildfires that tore through the picturesque island of Maui, leaving behind a trail of destruction, despair, and displaced families, the story of Kalia and her father, a seasoned high school teacher from San Diego, emerges as a beacon of hope. Their mission, as clear as the Hawaiian skies, was to raise $2,000 in direct aid for the children and residents of Maui who have been left reeling in the aftermath of this natural disaster.

Kalia, a 15-year-old homeschool freshman, exudes a rare combination of youthful determination and unwavering compassion. Her father, a 23-year veteran teacher and proud University Heights resident, brought up his daughter to value empathy, kindness, and community service. When the wildfires struck Maui, they knew they couldn't simply stand by and watch the devastation unfold from afar.

They reached out to their friends, neighbors, and fellow community members, making an earnest appeal for support. The response was overwhelming. People from all walks of life, touched by the plight of Maui, rallied behind Kalia and her father's cause.

Now this Maui Relief Fund Team has partnered with Current Latitude, using CL’s Shopify Ecommerce Site, to offer the unique jewelry and digital art items created by Kalia herself in exchange for donations. The beauty of these items reflects the resilience and spirit of Maui. Kalia’s new vision is to raise up to $100,000, where every level of donation supports the cause, and also becomes a symbol of hope and unity to the residents of Maui.

In addition, Current Latitude recognizes the sustained efforts required to aid the Maui residents in rebuilding their community and will donate 10% of all donor purchases for the next two years to the FMRF fund.

In the face of adversity, Kalia and her father's mission showcases the immense power of compassion. They remind us that, together, we can overcome even the most daunting challenges. And as they work tirelessly to rebuild Maui, they also help to mend the hearts of a community that has endured so much.

Click Here to Help:  Donate Through Current Latitude's offering of Kalia's unique Jewelry and Digital Art items. 

For more information or to arrange a check donation, please click here to reach our Messaging System. Your thoughts, prayers, and any support you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Let's come together and show our support for Maui, Hawaii during this challenging time.

Mahalo for your kindness and compassion.