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The Web3 Advantage for CL

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August 18, 2023

Embracing the Future of Marketplaces

At Current Latitude, our journey has taught us invaluable lessons about the synergy of imagery and display products, which form the bedrock of our decision-making framework. As we explore new horizons, the Web3 marketplace has emerged as a beacon for our next chapter, offering a host of compelling reasons that resonate deeply with our ethos.

Image Ownership and Licensing: A Cornerstone of Success

We hold firm to the belief that image ownership and proper licensing are pivotal to our sustained success. This principle governs our every move, ensuring that the creations we share are ethically sourced, and the artistic creators receive their due recognition.

The Power of Early Engagement

Our experience has taught us that early engagement with image owners nurtures fruitful relationships. This holds true not only in the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) realm but also in the Business-to-Business (BTOB) domain. This approach paves the way for collaboration that bears meaningful fruit.

Discovery of the Web3 Universe

Our journey into the world of Web3 commenced with an online networking session in April 2023. A mere two-minute introduction to Current Latitude yielded an unexpected gem—a chorus of voices urging us to explore the Web3 founders and members. Their rationale was astoundingly clear:

First: A Realm of Digital Token Art Communities

Web3 offers a landscape where Digital Token Art serves as the key to unlocking access and utility levels. The value of this art extends beyond its visual appeal, becoming a scorekeeping mechanism within and beyond these vibrant communities.

Second: A Haven for Art Owners

Within the Web3 domain, a vast audience of art owners seeks avenues to showcase their treasures outside the traditional confines. Herein lies an opportunity—a chance to offer a platform for their creative expressions.

Third: An Abundance of Aesthetic Excellence

Web3 has summoned forth a trove of exquisite imagery spanning myriad subjects, crafted by masterful artists who infuse life into their work.

A Seamless Convergence with Our Vision

Both my son and I stand united in our belief that the Web3 communities and their members are akin to kindred spirits with our existing customer base. The alchemy of high-resolution output—par excellence and at par or surpassing digital renderings—positions us as ideal partners for those who prioritize the power of visual assets.

A Blueprint for Long-Term Bonds

This synergy encapsulates our definition of a profound customer relationship—a bond that transcends transactions. When one contributes to the empowerment of others and gains the stamp of approval from their community, a true partnership blossoms. This partnership weaves the threads of Acquire, Retain, and Transform—ART in its purest form.

The Web3 Advantage: A Nexus of Values

In the embrace of the Web3 marketplace, Current Latitude finds resonance in its principles, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to image integrity, early engagement, and the transformative potential of art. The realm of Web3 isn't just a marketplace; it's a canvas where our values can flourish, weaving a tapestry of relationships that evolve, inspire, and endure.