About Current Latitude - A Father and Son Endeavor

Unveiling the Power of Visual Storytelling

Current Latitude was conceived from a profound and enduring love for visual storytelling—a craft that not only weaves narratives but forges bonds, both personal and professional.

Learning Through Vision

Both my son and I share the language of visual learning—drawing inspiration from observation and perfecting our crafts by replicating and refining. Our journeys in different professions have followed this path, embracing the utilization of cutting-edge presentation tools. This journey led us to a pivotal realization: the world is rapidly becoming a canvas of visual imagery. An additional impetus was the ubiquity of high-resolution smartphone cameras, a modern-day instrument of expression for the vast majority of young individuals documenting their lives in pixels.

A Path of Exploration

The year 2019 marked a milestone. My fourth retirement was a prelude to a new chapter. The United States unfolded before me—a tapestry of national parks, serene beachfronts, and the heart of small-town America. My arsenal included DSLRs, SLRs, and the ubiquitous smartphone. I harnessed these tools to craft individual images and short films, shared among my cherished family and friends.

A Catalyst for Transformation

Then serendipity struck. My creations found their way into the lives of friends who shared them, igniting unforeseen opportunities. Bed-and-breakfasts, resorts, and hotels saw a vision—my imagery merging with their visual narratives. This collaboration birthed captivating videos for website marketing, with a singular objective: catalyzing reservations and conversions. Organic business development had taken root.

Adapting in Times of Change

However, life is a canvas painted with both light and shadow. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped not only our existence but the foundations of businesses that sustained us. Amid adversity, a phoenix of innovation arose. Our clients yearned for products woven from our high-resolution imagery. This pivot led us to design items aligned with promotional strategies and future marketing endeavors.

A Confluence of Paths

COVID-19 forged a juncture. Father and son contemplated new directions and embarked on a shared journey. A pioneering collaboration emerged, fusing our skills for the first time in a professional context.

Forging a New Narrative

Listening intently to our patrons, we endeavored to enhance and preserve the fidelity of high-resolution art. Our odyssey led us to metal as a canvas—a medium that amplifies the interplay of color and light, enkindling emotion in each image.

A Story Enriched

Guided by our vision, we set out to fill gaps in the marketplace—finding voids in image display products that bridged the gap between quality and storytelling. Embracing innovation, we veered from simple framing, exploring blended image display items. Our canvas expanded to encompass headwear, gear, outdoor wear, and even watches, all meticulously tailored to small canvases with immense impact.

Crafting the Canvas

Sourcing from wholesale providers, we meticulously tested and selected products. The intricate dance of quality and design culminated in a seamless union on our metal plates. My son's wisdom prevailed; we aligned with the economic climate, offering designs with no minimum order quantity—a blueprint for success in the Direct-to-Consumer realm.

A Journey Towards Success

Our journey, though longer, began to bear fruit. Clients turned into advocates, returning for our products and services. They, in turn, unlocked doors in the B-to-B domain—a realm where referrals from satisfied customers breathe life into engagement.