When Larry Maves’ wife passed away after a long illness, he set out to fulfill their dream of travel and adventure. He grabbed his camera and headed west to visit family and friends, not knowing where the adventure ahead would lead him.

While he visited the Grand Canyon and scenic locations along the way, Larry shared his images and videos with friends and acquaintances around the world. As they shared and re-shared his images with their friends and family, he realized the power of sharing our adventures and the beauty of our world.

Reaching the West Coast to visit his son Josh, they saw the opportunity of creating and sharing beautiful locations in unique ways. Together they created Current Latitude with a mission and purpose to share beautiful imagery framed in products that people could enjoy, and easily share visually with others.

The Current Latitude team have created Patent Pending processes and visual artisan skillsets that empower individuals in building their personal brand, in the same manner as corporate and non-profit firms have done for years.

We look forward to joining you in sharing your adventures and creativity!